Future Trends Of B2B Marketplace Sites Platform

With the consolidation of B2B e-commerce, new challenges arise to make the ordering and delivery processes even more agile, directly to manufacturers or distributors and wholesalers. Some of these challenges can help shape the near future of B2b Marketplace Sites Platform, making it an even stronger part of the business relationship between the companies.

Trends in B2b Marketplace Sites Platform

Mobile platform for B2B e-commerce

Just as in the offline world, companies are increasingly using smartphones to search for products, suppliers, and prices, driven by the change in the habits of their managers and their teams. In this sense, a growing number of suppliers have been adapting B2B portal to make the mobile marketing a more adaptive and positive experience, thus preparing for the new culture of mobile technology. This presence tends to become less of a factor of differentiation and more of a competitiveness requirement, guaranteeing the presence of B2B Marketplace suppliers in this new reality and making it possible to convert research into actual business.

B2B Portal

Strategic vendor

The strengthening of B2B Marketplace platforms means that the vendor is no longer a mere “order taker” and has a more advisory role in terms of business strategy. And the platforms tend to facilitate this process for these professionals in the near future. With the ease of platforms on smartphones, the vendor can gain access to historical information and projections from their customers and the market as a whole, allowing them to formulate business-specific strategies for each case. This approach, besides valuing the role of the salesperson as a business consultant, strengthens the relationship between companies by adding value: the supplier stops supplying only products, but also channels business intelligence to its customers.

Amalgamation of techniques

With the maturing of B2B Marketplace sites platforms, the trend now is for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to drive their customers to the new reality by making use of technology the standard way of relating business. This means that B2B e-commerce channels are no longer seen as an alternative and become the main business route between these companies and their customers. The different channels tend to consolidate as well, making the back end of B2B portal systems unique, giving rise to different fronts: Web store, mobile application, customer ERP integration, and so on. This makes the relationship and logistics structure solidify, streamlining processes and reducing operating costs.

Better integration

As companies realize that B2B Marketplace Sites Platform has come to stay, they realize the benefits of integrating their capabilities into their systems, making ordering processes even more efficient and faster. The ability of the platforms to integrate into other systems is therefore of greater importance from that moment on.

B2b Marketplace Sites Trends

Strategies in favor of business

The possibilities provided by B2B systems go beyond agility in ordering. With a greater integration between vendor and retailer systems, a path begins where a part of the logistics can be conducted by the wholesaler: in a transparent way, orders from the end consumer can even be addressed directly by the B2B supplier. This change in dynamics avoids additional transportation and storage costs, causing retailers to increasingly value their market penetration and brand value and care less about logistics and the maintenance of large inventories.

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The 7 Main Causes Of Data Loss

Usually, you are not very aware of the risks of losing your information and how to avoid them. Most common reasons for data loss have to do with your daily work and how to save, store and manage your information and Data recovery.


Data loss by deleting files or databases, without having any backup available is so common that even perceived as a real risk. Update or delete files, are very common activities and are made almost every day. No wonder then if you accidentally delete files or override it the parties we do not intend.



There are many new viruses that attack every day. Be connected to the network has its advantages, but also an inherent risk of exposure to many serious risks. Damage can be very different, but most viruses affect operating software and damages the stored data. There are various types of viruses and sometimes, data loss is just a side effect of any major damage to your system operating. The most dangerous damages are attacks aimed at stealing business data. Imagine the value of customer databases, technical inventions, and industrial information essential for making history or financial transactions of enterprises. Where monetary values, there is also a strong interest to acquire this information. However, if viruses or malware damage the equipment, you can install the operating system and programs easily if you have installation disks available. The same applies to the original data, have backups of your data so that they are available in case of attack can harddisk recovery recover your information quickly to keep operating.


Hard drives are the most important part of a computer; break more often than any other device connected to the computer. There are so many moving parts inside hard drives are not surprising that damage easily. There are some ways to recover data from defective hard drives, but is expensive and there is no guarantee that a provider of such services can fully recover important data. Can you afford to lose the data stored on the hard disk every five years? 

Backup regularly provided help with hardware problems. Allowing the opportunity to take the latest data from the secure storage and continue using it after any hardware failures. 


There are two adverse effects of power failures. Imagine writing a long article and have not saved yet, it is perhaps the simplest example, but imagine that work is with sophisticated databases or creating very detailed graphic illustrations.

Watch this video


Do you understand what that means back to zero or lose several hours? Work. Another problem can arise even deeper when outages affect operating systems or hardware;

Shutting down a server suddenly without proper closure procedures can cause problems with the operating system to restart sudden changes in voltage they can damage many parts of your computer.

Most problems can be solved by changing the power supply, but there is also a possibility of damaging other parts that are very sensitive to changes in voltage and strong magnetic fields. It’s not very difficult to change some parts of damaged hardware due to power failures, but what occurs if you lose your complete data because of an interruption power? You trust me; you will feel better and safer if you make regular backups and keep in a safe place. 


It’s a real tragedy of losing equipment and data simultaneously. There is always the danger of theft of electronic devices. While computer or server can be expensive, it should be noted that often the data stored on hard disks are much more valuable.

Losing the equipment can be less painful; whether a backup strategy appropriate data is used and the data is maintained in a secure storage, recover their data will be very simple. 


Since the use of laptops has grown in recent years, the damage caused by the spill drinks on computers has become frequent as well. Liquids cause a short circuit of the important electronic components, and these are very difficult to recover later. Accidents of this type or exposure to humid environments often cause loss of data stored on the hard disk.  Go safe and back up data, provides a full guarantee that will not lose your data for these reasons. 


Explosions occur rarely, but the fire completely destroys both a computer and the data stored on it.  The fire is also dangerous for backups that are stored in the same physical location. For example, have weekly backups stored on an external hard drive that is kept in the same building doesn’t help much if the building is on fire? The safest practice fire is to make regular backups and keep them in another location. We can lose data, mainly because we do not have adequate procedures to workflow or backup strategies. More efficient for labor saving and backup procedures regularly certainly it saves us a lot of time and worry.  


Recommendation For Data Recovery

If you have sensitive information, avoid risk it is always better to turn to specialists in information Retrieval, TCS-Computers have the resources, equipment, expertise and knowledge to help you solve the various cases that may arise from having failures storage devices.

If you want to hire a pro for your hard disk data recovery in Belgium, visit www.tcs-computers.be

Or call +32.3.772.22.36

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What Is Harmonic Centrality Score?

After the death of Google page Rank, Noblare’s™ has redefined the essence of what is crucial when it comes to SEO measurement, and a new scoring model has emerged.

First time SEO history, NoBlare has used the concept of Harmonic centrality score.

The HC is a quick way to determine the backlink potential of a site and the strength of the site itself.


The use of hormonics Harmonic centrality has changed peoples prospective of Viewing back links.  The primary purpose of this whole concept is to give us the ability to understand what it takes to rank any web page for a specific keyword. Domain authority, trust factor or citation flow is virtually useless when it comes to understanding what it takes to rank a URL for a specific keyword.

Harmonic centrality score

Higher the Harmonic centrality of the website, the harder it is to outrank it. But prior to taking you for an informative splash I’d like to explain the central concept of NB Score. It’s not an extremely strong factor, but it’s a deciding factor within the establishment of a really good domain.

Watch this video


Harmonic centrality score at the start would be the number of sites that link to you site. For example, if your site is linked with 50 sites your score would be 50.

However, there would be sites that link to the first tier of sites that linked to  your site. These are second tier sites and have a distance of two (2). Let’s say we find 80-second tier sites well they would have a distance score of 80/2 = 40 only giving a half point.

Now total HC score of you sicte reached to  50+40 = 90 HC score

Then the sites that link to the second tier well these would be third tier links and of course only get 1/3 – .33333 for each site. So let’s says we find 90 such sites well 90/3 = 30. Giving us and HC score of 50+40+30 = 120.

To finalize the HC,  Every site we count as distance 1,2,3 it doesn’t matter, we divide the number of links internally and externally by the level we are on. If we are on distance level one and the referring URL has a total of 10 internal and 5 external links, we divide 1/15 and add that number to the HC.

NB Score

Noblares’™ Ranking is the log (3) of the Harmonic Centrality. Making more difficult to move up in the ranking score as you get a higher HC rating.  In short, high NB score is necessary to get higher search engine rankings.

As the amount of root domains linking is an important factor to enhance your NB Score, endeavor to secure increasingly more sites linking to you personally.

Then, don’t hesitate to put in your URL in the Heads Up Display “NB Score checker”.  Visit www.Noblare.com


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Apps gone viral… Are you ready

Viral App… try it test it… free

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Things You Must Know About Receding Gums

Gum recession, if you are suffering from it, it must be on your hit list.

Of course, it should be on the top of your list. Otherwise, the problem will get more complicated and might damage your bone structure, deforming alignment of your teeth. This can severely affect your appearance which will end up on a psychological trauma.

Therefore, you need to know few things about receding gums before proceeding towards gum disease receding gums treatment so that you do not get confused about the treatments available in the market. This article is going to help you find the right solution suitable for you.

receding gums reverse

Why Gums Recede?

You should know that receding gums are signs that you are suffering from some oral disease. Gums usually start to recede when they are weakened by a constant attack of plaque buildup and tartar. Tartar decays tooth, which results in the loose tooth. Once the tooth loses its grip from gums, the tissues shift on the upper or lower side exposing the root of the tooth which in other words is called gum recession.

Therefore, it is understood that to fix gum recession, you need to fix gum disease which is the actual cause lying beneath.

 Cause of Gum Disease

Before getting to know about the treatment of receding gums, let’s see what causes gum disease.

Gum disease is the cause of gum recession. It occurs due to the growth of bacteria inside the mouth. Bacteria are present in everyone’s mouth, but out-of-control bacteria can be hazardous to health.

Bacteria produces toxic oxidation on the teeth and gum tissue. These toxins eat up the tissues and the surface of the teeth, giving way to plaque formation.

Watch this video


Plaque, when not removed soon, becomes hard on teeth, which are called tartar. Tartar forms a layer of oxidized crust, which damages the enamel and also the bone structure. It decays tooth and causes foul breath within the mouth.

It also weakens the cells and keeps them from generating new, healthy cells for tissues and bone of the teeth.

The Best Receding Gum Treatment Found Ever: Nature’s Smile ™

Gum recession is controlled if the bacteria are controlled. Be cautious of many money-making products that may include inconsiderate chemicals and lethal substances. Natural homemade remedies are safe, but the issue with these homemade remedies are that they are not sustainable or anti-bacterial.

However, Nature’s smile gum balm and oral rinse have solved the problem of receding gums. It contains all natural and proven ingredients which are used as a treatment for gum and oral disease for centuries.


This product is purely organic and does not include chemicals. It resides in the gumline and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. You just have to use this product twice daily and regularly.

You will see 100% results and re-growth of new tissues. Your already receded gums will reverse within  few weeks. 

Get your healthy gums back by ordering Nature’s Smile™ from www.naturessmile.com

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Global Hangout Spot turns social media into Social Currency

We love this video from Global Hangout Spot.. creating residual income.. I believe this is day 3 for them and they are jumping in full body. Doing a little bit every day. Consistency and steadfast duplication will be their reward. What are you waiting for.. Join them.. do what they do.. easy peasy.. just be you.

Global Hangout Spot

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Are You Ready to Take the Stage?

 Are you ready for the Stage
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Zeal… Are you ready for some more Zeal in your Life?

Coming soon, Real Soon…. Energy booster, weight loss management program, affordable, all natural, Dr. Formulated!

Brand New… be one of the first to get this in your hands..

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169.95 weight management drop those xtra pounds with this protein shake.

Farmers are doing it, teachers are doing it, every one is doing it.. the Zeal Appeal

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Global Hangout Spot, Let’s have a Hangout Party.

Global Hangout turns Social Media into Social Curr by CindyLaDue on GoAnimate

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Host Gator is a great place to get a website.

Every one needs a website. To keep up with family or to tell your story for others, do it in scrap book fashion to stay connected with family. The grandkids love to see you on the ‘computer’!!

Get a website for business, start promoting your affiliate marketing company, mlm, brick and mortor store or your cause.

It really is fun, rewarding, and a way to make another stream of income.

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