What Is Harmonic Centrality Score?

After the death of Google page Rank, Noblare’s™ has redefined the essence of what is crucial when it comes to SEO measurement, and a new scoring model has emerged.

First time SEO history, NoBlare has used the concept of Harmonic centrality score.

The HC is a quick way to determine the backlink potential of a site and the strength of the site itself.


The use of hormonics Harmonic centrality has changed peoples prospective of Viewing back links.  The primary purpose of this whole concept is to give us the ability to understand what it takes to rank any web page for a specific keyword. Domain authority, trust factor or citation flow is virtually useless when it comes to understanding what it takes to rank a URL for a specific keyword.

Harmonic centrality score

Higher the Harmonic centrality of the website, the harder it is to outrank it. But prior to taking you for an informative splash I’d like to explain the central concept of NB Score. It’s not an extremely strong factor, but it’s a deciding factor within the establishment of a really good domain.

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Harmonic centrality score at the start would be the number of sites that link to you site. For example, if your site is linked with 50 sites your score would be 50.

However, there would be sites that link to the first tier of sites that linked to  your site. These are second tier sites and have a distance of two (2). Let’s say we find 80-second tier sites well they would have a distance score of 80/2 = 40 only giving a half point.

Now total HC score of you sicte reached to  50+40 = 90 HC score

Then the sites that link to the second tier well these would be third tier links and of course only get 1/3 – .33333 for each site. So let’s says we find 90 such sites well 90/3 = 30. Giving us and HC score of 50+40+30 = 120.

To finalize the HC,  Every site we count as distance 1,2,3 it doesn’t matter, we divide the number of links internally and externally by the level we are on. If we are on distance level one and the referring URL has a total of 10 internal and 5 external links, we divide 1/15 and add that number to the HC.

NB Score

Noblares’™ Ranking is the log (3) of the Harmonic Centrality. Making more difficult to move up in the ranking score as you get a higher HC rating.  In short, high NB score is necessary to get higher search engine rankings.

As the amount of root domains linking is an important factor to enhance your NB Score, endeavor to secure increasingly more sites linking to you personally.

Then, don’t hesitate to put in your URL in the Heads Up Display “NB Score checker”.  Visit www.Noblare.com