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Security On Portable Stage Platform During The Show

When setting up a portable stage and while the event is taking place, it is necessary to adopt certain safety measures. And is that any event needs these security measures so that everything goes smoothly and properly. Read today Security On Stage and NexGen portable stage equipment for sale UK.

It is necessary to think that in the production of events many people intervene, in a passive way, as they can be the spectators, or of active way, referring to the own workers of the company in charge of the event. That is why it is the responsibility of this company to ensure the safety of all of them.

Security During The Assembly Of Portable Stage

The company’s own workers who will be responsible for the displacement, assembly and disassembly of the Portable Stage Equipment are the first to have to take certain security measures.

Risks in the movement of vehicles- When an event is to be held, it is inevitable that considerable amounts of material, such as instruments, lighting, structures, etc., will be moved and displaced. For this reason, special care must be taken in the area where the site is located, such as access and exit, if there is a lot of traffic around or if it is necessary to hire staff to control traffic.

Loading and unloading of materials – In the assembly of portable stage, they will move, load and unload large structures and elements necessary for the realization of the event. The overcrowding of both cranes and personnel must be avoided at all costs and the ramps to move the material from one place to another must be firmly fixed and resistant. In addition, all personnel must carry the required safety elements, such as helmets, goggles, vests or gloves.

Works in height- Normally in the portable stage system, it is necessary to place lights, loudspeakers or screens at high altitude, which implies that the personnel in charge of this work must have the necessary tools to do it, like cranes, as well as safety elements such as approved harnesses.

Security On The Portable Stage Platform During The Show

In addition to having safety measures to prevent accidents when setting the stage, it is also necessary to adopt some more during the celebration of this.

Stairs and ramps- In any stage system, whether large or small, stairs or some access ramps will be necessary, since these instruments must be very well marked and illuminated to avoid tripping and falls, besides having handrails on both sides for greater protection.

Music equipment and wiring- All materials on the stage must be protected against rain to avoid short circuits and, as far as possible, cables are scattered across the stage indiscriminately. They should be grouped together and try to avoid a lot of steps to avoid stumbling and falling.

Avoid the risk of overload on the stage- If from the beginning in the planning it has been said that on the stage there will be a certain weight, then you can not surpass with avalanches of people or with more material, since the structure of the stage will be made for the initial weight and if you surpass it Can cause collapse and collapse.

NexGen Portable Staging Platform

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