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Future Trends Of B2B Marketplace Sites Platform

With the consolidation of B2B e-commerce, new challenges arise to make the ordering and delivery processes even more agile, directly to manufacturers or distributors and wholesalers. Some of these challenges can help shape the near future of B2b Marketplace Sites Platform, making it an even stronger part of the business relationship between the companies.

Trends in B2b Marketplace Sites Platform

Mobile platform for B2B e-commerce

Just as in the offline world, companies are increasingly using smartphones to search for products, suppliers, and prices, driven by the change in the habits of their managers and their teams. In this sense, a growing number of suppliers have been adapting B2B portal to make the mobile marketing a more adaptive and positive experience, thus preparing for the new culture of mobile technology. This presence tends to become less of a factor of differentiation and more of a competitiveness requirement, guaranteeing the presence of B2B Marketplace suppliers in this new reality and making it possible to convert research into actual business.

B2B Portal

Strategic vendor

The strengthening of B2B Marketplace platforms means that the vendor is no longer a mere “order taker” and has a more advisory role in terms of business strategy. And the platforms tend to facilitate this process for these professionals in the near future. With the ease of platforms on smartphones, the vendor can gain access to historical information and projections from their customers and the market as a whole, allowing them to formulate business-specific strategies for each case. This approach, besides valuing the role of the salesperson as a business consultant, strengthens the relationship between companies by adding value: the supplier stops supplying only products, but also channels business intelligence to its customers.

Amalgamation of techniques

With the maturing of B2B Marketplace sites platforms, the trend now is for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to drive their customers to the new reality by making use of technology the standard way of relating business. This means that B2B e-commerce channels are no longer seen as an alternative and become the main business route between these companies and their customers. The different channels tend to consolidate as well, making the back end of B2B portal systems unique, giving rise to different fronts: Web store, mobile application, customer ERP integration, and so on. This makes the relationship and logistics structure solidify, streamlining processes and reducing operating costs.

Better integration

As companies realize that B2B Marketplace Sites Platform has come to stay, they realize the benefits of integrating their capabilities into their systems, making ordering processes even more efficient and faster. The ability of the platforms to integrate into other systems is therefore of greater importance from that moment on.

B2b Marketplace Sites Trends

Strategies in favor of business

The possibilities provided by B2B systems go beyond agility in ordering. With a greater integration between vendor and retailer systems, a path begins where a part of the logistics can be conducted by the wholesaler: in a transparent way, orders from the end consumer can even be addressed directly by the B2B supplier. This change in dynamics avoids additional transportation and storage costs, causing retailers to increasingly value their market penetration and brand value and care less about logistics and the maintenance of large inventories.

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