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The Porsche Macan Miami Releases ‘Affordable’ Version

Porsche Macan Miami

The German company introduces a new version in the range of the Porsche Macan, the successful model of access to the supply of Porsche Macan Miami. This SUV will be available from next June with a new turbocharged gasoline engine with four cylinders and 2.0 litres of displacement. This variant, with its 252 HP of power and 370 Nm of torque is positioned as the most affordable Macan, with a price that starts at 63.180 euros.

The Porsche Macan arrived with the aim of repeating the success achieved by the Porsche Cayenne. That is, to increase the Porsche sales volume when entering to play in a league where they distribute many sales: that of the SUV ‘premium’. For that reason, the expectation during its debut in the Salon in Los Angeles, Now, three years after its launch, it is clear that the brand was right in full with this vehicle, which has garnered excellent commercial results.

Results that may be even better starting next June, which is when the German manufacturer plans to launch a new Porsche Macan with four-cylinder petrol engine, which with a price 63,180 dollars, will be positioned as the access version To the range (we tell you all the characteristics of this variant below, in the section of motorization).

Porsche Macan Miami Size

With its 4.68 meters in length, it is slightly larger (and expensive) than the  BMW  X3 and  Audi Q5, but it is a step away from the  BMW X5  and  Mercedes ML. That is, the new Porsche Macan has only direct rivals, although it faces many buying alternatives above and below – regarding size and price.

Porsche Cayenne Miami

Visually, the influence of the Porsche Cayenne Miami is evident, especially in the frontal, so much that it will be difficult to distinguish them by the mirror. The rear has more personality and sportsmanship, especially for the long optical groups and the fall of the ceiling. The brands own designers recognize that its lines are conservative: perhaps they have not wanted to touch excessively the formula that works with the Cayenne. A curious detail is that when I open the hood of the Porsche Macan, there are two ‘eyes’ exposed: the holes for headlights are integrated into the hood. That makes it different from the Audi Q5 on the outside (comparing Porsche Macan and Porsche Cayenne).

The smaller Porsche SUV is driving from a sporty place with seats that hold the body firmly and centre console littered with buttons and inherited the Panamera. On top of it is a central screen that, with the latest evolution of the model, already has the most recent generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM). In the rear seats there are two independent seats and sitting on them, I find that, if you measure 1.85 meters, the head almost rubs against the ceiling. They are tolls to pay for that profile so coupé (measures 1.62 meters high). And its trunk, with 500 litres, is surpassed by that of an Audi Q5. That yes, when lowering the backrest reaches 1,500 litres.

Porsche Macan: Engine And Price

It is clear that the Macan seeks first of all the sportiness, and that forces to yield in some practical aspect. But the gain in dynamics promises to make up for everything. Initially, three engines formed the range, which subsequently increased with the introduction of a fourth variant (the GTS) and now, in 2017, is growing even more with the arrival of the new four-cylinder petrol engine in Turbocharged line, which is positioned as the access version of the five possible.

Porsche Macan

This model, called Porsche Macan ‘to dry’, assembles a 2.0 turbo of origin Audi that develops for the occasion 252 CV of power and 370 Nm of pair and, although it is the least powerful of the range, thanks to that it is the lightest (1,770 kg), drives from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds and reaches 229 km / h. It costs 63,180 dollars. For its price and power, the Porsche Macan S Diesel, with its 258 hp engine, accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and consumes 6.1 l / 100 km.

After the version with a turbo diesel mechanics is located the Porsche Macan S of gasoline, endowed with a V6 turbo with 3.0 litres and 340 horsepower. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and declares an average consumption of 8.2 litres. A little more powerful (and much more expensive) is the Porsche Macan GTS, in which the 3.0 V6 develops 360 hp, 20 more horses than in the Macan S. Above all is the top of the range.

Porsche Macan Turbo, Which debuts a propeller of 3.6 litres and 400 horses to pass from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and spend 9.2 litres of medium.

The five propellers with which the Porsche Macan Miami is available are associated with the effective and fast automatic PDK change, as the brand has ruled out manual transmissions. All models will be fitted with an all-wheel-drive system that sends more power to the rear wheels, as well as the inevitable ‘Start-Stop’ or the system that leaves the engine idling when not accelerating.

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